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 Course 1 Description:

8th Grade Science. In science we will be covering various different topics throughout the school year. These topics will include life structures, properties of energy, effects of weathering and the nature of matter. In class students will be asked to work in a variety of settings ranging from whole class instruction, small groups and lab partners. Students will be asked to use inquiry to complete task and foster a deeper understanding of the topics being discussed within the class.  

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Course 2 Description:

8th Grade Physical Science. In physical science we will begin the year studying the basic Laws of Physics. We will keep learn how Newton's Law's of Motion apply to real life situations. We will learn how potential and kinetic energy, work, momentum, acceleration and inertia apply to real life situations. We will then move on to Astronomy and Space science where we will learn about the universe, moon, life cycle of a star, our sun, and galaxies.  We will then transition into Matter and Chemistry. We will study the chemical and physical properties of matter, atomic structures and the formation of compounds, chemical reactions, and radioactive decay. 

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Course Summary:

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