K Campbell DBC

DCS-3color-original_PACERS-300RGB.jpgKristen Campbell

 Conger Elementary



7:50am - 3:30pm


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This first grade math course follows the Pearson EnVisionMATH Program.  EnVisionMATH helps students to develop conceptual and concrete understandings of important math concepts through problem-based interactive learning and step by step visual learning.  This program is divided into different topics that relate to the common core curriculum strands, such as Number and Operations, Algebra, and Problem Solving.  Topics that will be covered throughout these strands are:  Understanding Addition, Understanding Subtraction, Five and Ten Relationships, Addition and Subtraction Facts to 12, Addition Facts to 20, Subtraction Facts to 20, Counting and Number Patterns to 120, Tens and Ones, Comparing and Ordering Numbers to 100, Adding with Tens and Ones, Subtracting with Tens and Ones, Length, Time, Using Data to Answer Questions, Geometry, and Fractions of Shapes.




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