A. Mays DBC

DCS-3color-original_PACERS-300RGB.jpgAmanda Mays

 Carlisle Elementary


740.833.1450 ext. 2451

7:50am-8:20am & 3:20pm-3:45pm

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Science/Social Studies Description:

We will be covering the following topics in Science: Rocks and Soil, Matter, Energy, and Life Science.  

We will be covering the following topics in Social Studies: Local Government, Economics, Delaware History, and Geography


Math Description:

Numeration, Number Sense, Place Value, Meanings of Multiplication, Multiplication: Using Patterns, Multiplication: Use Known Facts, Meanings of Division, Understaning Fractions, Fraction Comparison and Equivalence, 2D Shapes, Time and Data, Area and Perimeter, Volume and Mass

Language Description:

Punctuation Marks, Subject and Predicate, Simple/Complex/Compound Sentences, Conjunctions, Pronouns, Possessive Pronouns, Subject-verb agreement, Regular Verbs, Irregular Verbs, Verb Tenses, Adverbs, Root Words with Prefixes/Suffixes, Beginning Dictionaries

Writing Description:

On Demand Writing, Opinion Writing: Book Review, Personal Narrative, Writing Process, Fairytale/Folktale, Informational Writing: Short Research Project

Reading Description:

Fiction Elements of Literal/Non Literal Language, Riction Genres: Questioning, Inferring, Character Analysis, Fiction: Compare and Contrast, Fiction: Word Meaning, Non-Fiction Features and Tools, Non-Fiction: Questioning, Inferring, Comparing and Contrasting Non-Fiction1 - separator 800x20 .png

Course Summary:

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