K Wilder DBC

DCS-3color-original_PACERS-300RGB.jpgKristin Wilder

5th Grade Math, Science, & Social Studies

 Schultz Elementary School



Best Contact Time: Before School


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 5th Grade Class Description:

Math: In grade five, students will continue to study numbers, operations, algebraic thinking, measurement, data, and geometry by using mathematical practices to further their knowledge.

Math Canvas Course

Science: In grade five, students will study the cycles on Earth, such as those occurring in ecosystems, in the solar system, and in the movement of light and sound resulting in describable patterns. Students will using the scientific process to construct their knowledge and understanding in all science content areas.

Science Canvas Course

Social Studies: In grade five, students will study the Western Hemisphere (North and South America), its geographic features, early history, cultural development and economic change. Students learn about the early inhabitants of the Americas and the impact of European exploration and colonization. The geographic focus includes the study of contemporary regional characteristics, the movement of people, products and ideas, and cultural diversity. Students develop their understanding of the relationship between markets and available resources.

Social Studies Canvas Course

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Course Summary:

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