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Spanish 1:

Spanish 1 introduces the students to the Spanish language. Proficiency in the language is the main goal. Listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills are developed. Correct pronunciation is emphasized as well as the acquisition of basic speech patterns and a small, practical vocabulary. Cultural material compares and contrasts Spanish speaking countries and the United States. Students learn to speak, read, write, and listen within the range of a basic vocabulary.


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Exploratory Spanish:

World Language Studies is an introduction to languages, especially Spanish and French.  
Students will be able to: 
  1. Explain how to prepare for travel abroad (passport, currency, weather).

  2. Report details about a French/Spanish country and its flag.

  3. Locate French/Spanish-speaking countries on a map.

  4. Identify colors.

  5. Count to 30.

  6. Identify the letters and symbols of the alphabet.

  7. Spell his/her name in French/Spanish.

  8. Recite dialogues in French/Spanish.

  9. Apply terms of courtesy and politeness.

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