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J.C. Dempsey Middle School


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Language Arts:  

Students are exposed to a wide variety of literature taken from four main sources: literature text, informational texts, and self-selected titles. In this class students will further develop their reading, writing, listening, speaking, and language skills through discussion and written compositions.  Differentiated instruction is used to address the individual learning needs of each student in the classroom.  Parents are encouraged to read with their students at home as often as possible.

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 As we work towards accepting more assignments online students will start seeing some grades show up in their canvas course. Please realize this is not their course grade. This grade includes scores that will not be counted in their final grade (such as pre-assessments) and does not include other grades that were not completed in Canvas (such as labs). Looking at Canvas grades can show which Canvas assignments have been turned in and other important information. However, for an accurate reflection of a student's learning and their current grade in a course please refer to PowerSchool. PowerSchool reflects a students actual current grade in a class. Canvas grades do not.






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