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Michael Freado

 John C. Dempsey Middle School


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 World Studies:

World Studies explores the origins and enduring impacts of Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome and the Roman Empire. This course also examines Europe’s Middle Ages, the feudal societies of Europe and Japan, the Italian Renaissance, Europe’s Reformation, West African Empires, and the Age of European Exploration. This course not only challenges students to develop their social studies skill set, which includes mapping and graphing literacy and effectively working as a group member, but to also develop 21st Century skills such as research, evaluating the quality of sources, debating, analyzing opposing perspectives, applying democratic values towards respectful communication and creating solutions to historical problems.

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Academic Assist:

In academic assist, our goal is to provide students with any support they need.  In addition to academic monitoring and support, we also focus on communication skills, goal setting, and organization.  

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