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 Hayes High School


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 Honors PreCalculus:

This yearlong course is offered to the students who have participated in the accelerated and honors mathematics courses. Some of the materials that will be discussed include functions (polynomial, trigonometric, and exponential, for example), trigonometry, polar coordinates, complex numbers, vectors, parametric equations, topics in discrete mathematics, and an introduction to calculus. The main focus of the course will be to prepare students for success in calculus.  Prerequisite: Algebra 2 Honors or recommendation from Algebra 2 teacher.

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Algebra 1:

Algebra I is a yearlong course designed to give the student an understanding of basic algebraic concepts.  Students will explore equations and systems of equations, inequalities and systems of inequalities.  Other topics include polynomials, graphing of first- and second-degree polynomials, and the quadratic formula.  A graphing calculator (TI-84, TI-84 plus or TI N-spire) is required for this course.

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