Mrs. Chiles' First Grade

DCS-3color-original_PACERS-300RGB.jpgJennifer Chiles

 David Smith Elementary


Contact Time: 7:45-4:30

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In first grade, reading is a very important part of our day.  We take part in reading groups daily, along with centers (independent learning activities).  Reading groups are small groups of students (2-6 students) working on reading strategies and activities.  Students practicing these strategies in books that are then sent home to be practiced at and returned to school the next day.  Centers allow students to work independently, reviewing topics previously covered in class, while the teacher is working with students in small reading groups.  Along with reading groups and centers, students also participate in interactive and shared reading, sharing reading between teacher and student.


Writing in first grade is ver individualized.  We spend a great deal of time working on writing in lower case letters, matching words to pictures, using appropriate punctuation, developing story structure, and writing in a variety of ways (Small Moments, Nonfiction Books, Opinion Writing, Fictional Writing).  Students work on similar writing formats, but are free to choose what they write about.  Students work at their own pace, with support of peers and teacher, through conferencing.  There is also aspects of the writing curriculum that share the writing between teacher and student, during interactive and shared writing.

Small Moments Module


Our Math curriculum uses EnVision Math.  We work on addition, subtraction, relationships between 5 and 10, time and measurement, graphing and data, fractions, etc.  Each lesson has a variety of components, including a student work mat for exploration, practice with teacher, independent practice, and an application of skills.  Each lesson also has three levels of possible homework (review, practice, and enrichment).  There is a video, and possible centers for each lesson as well.  Students will receive a login to access the EnVision website to play online games, watch videos, etc., to practice skills taught at school.

Science and Social Studies:

Our science and social studies curriculums are integrated throughout our reading, writing, and math.  We also do a lot of hands on activities throughout our lessons.  

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