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DCS-3color-original_PACERS-300RGB.jpgKelsey Wright

 Rutherford B. Hayes High School


(740) 833- 1010 ext. 4405

1st period (7:25-8:15); after school until 3:15


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English 9:

English Nine is an introductory course to literature, reading, and writing. We will investigate multiple genres, types of writing, and reading strategies to prepare you for the rest of your high school career. Our essential questions for this year are: (1)What does it mean to be a successful writer?  (2) What determines a person's character? Through our reading and writing investigations this year, we will attempt to answer these questions. 

English 9 Honors (Humanities):

Humanities connects the learning of English and literature to the learning of history. We will work this year to make those connections as often as possible. We will read a variety of literary genres, study different styles of writing, and explore multiple reading strategies to prepare you for the rest of your high school career and beyond. This year, our essential questions will be: (1) What factors influence an individual's decisions? and (2) Why do we write? Through our various explorations in reading and writing, we will attempt to answer these questions with as many examples as possible. Our year will culminate in a model UN project in which each student will be assigned a country and will be responsible for making decisions from the perspective of that country. Be ready to work each and every day and we will have a successful and enjoyable year!

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Course Summary:

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