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 7th grade Health https://delawarecityschools.instructure.com/courses/9137

8th grade Health https://delawarecityschools.instructure.com/courses/9362 


This course is designed to explore health from a holistic point of view.  This holistic view includes the social, physical, spiritual, mental and emotional aspects of health.  A balanced relationship between these five parts should exist in order to achieve holistic health.  This holistic view will be explored in six Units of Study including: CPR/First Aid, Mental Health, Stress Reduction, Nutrition/Fitness & Hygiene, Tobacco, Drugs & Alcohol, and Human Sexuality.


Materials Required: Chromebook, Folder (separate from other classes), paper and a pen/pencil


Classroom Expectations:

1. Cell phones are to be silenced and stowed away during class. If not, they will be turned in to administration.  There will be times electronic devices will be used for educational purposes in class.  I will let you know when this happens!

2. Be Prepared: Always bring your 3 ring binder, Be On Time: Begin “Question of the Day” as soon as the tardy bell rings,

3. Practice the “GOLDEN RULE”= treat others the way you want to be treated

4. Be open-minded to other thoughts/ideas and to new and different perspectives

5. Learn the names of classmates and get to know everyone.  Be more interested in getting to know others than others getting to know you!

6. Be enthusiastic learners by participating in discussions and fun activities/assignment 

7. Relax, have fun and laugh together!

8. Remember that when we have a guest speaker or a guest teacher all of these things still apply.


Late and make-up work policy: Upon returning from an absence of any length, it is the responsibility of each student to ask the teacher what work was missed and make arrangements to make it up in a timely fashion.  Be responsible for your work.


Grading Policy/Scale:  90-100%=A,   80-89%=B,   70-79%=C, 60-69%=D,   59% and below=F

 All assignments are important whether its summative or formative.  Some assignments may have a higher point value, but they are all equally weighted.  The total point value for the semester is approximately 400 points.


Academic Integrity Statement:

A student shall not use as his/her own, or provide to another student, work, product, questions, answers or violate the reasonable requirements of teachers in work submitted.  A student shall not present all or part of the written work of another as his/her own.   





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Course Summary:

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