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DCS-3color-original_PACERS-300RGB.jpgMrs. Nicole Arnette

 R. B. Hayes High School


740-833-1010 Ex: 4457

Available 7:15-3:00 M-F

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 Freshman English: This year long course will include the study of literature and the art of composition. We will also focus on learning prefixes and suffixes and grammar acquisition. Students will be required to read nightly as well.


American Literature (Junior English): This year long course will focus on literature written by and about Americans. We will be working on advanced level composition and vocabulary acquisition as well. Students will also be required to read nightly.


Leaders of Tomorrow (Student Council): This year long course will focus on becoming a better leader, in the building, as well as in life outside of school. A true blended learning class, it will take place half on Canvas, and half in class or at events sponsored by Student Council. 

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