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 Physical Education:

Smith Elementary Physical Education helps students acquire the knowledge and skills for movement that provide the foundation for enjoyment, continued social development through physical activity, and access to a physically-active lifestyle. The student exhibits a physically-active lifestyle and understands the relationship between physical activity and health throughout the lifespan.

In Grades K-2, children learn fundamental movement skills and begin to understand how the muscles, bones, heart, and lungs function in relation to physical activity. Students begin to develop a vocabulary for movement and apply concepts dealing with space and body awareness. Students are engaged in activities that develop basic levels of strength, endurance, and flexibility. In addition, students learn to work safely in group and individual movement settings. A major objective is to present activities that complement their natural inclination to view physical activity as challenging and enjoyable.

In Grades 3-5, students continue to develop strength, endurance, and flexibility. Students can demonstrate mature form in fundamental locomotor and manipulative skills and can often maintain that form while participating in dynamic game situations. Identifying personal fitness goals for themselves and beginning to understand how exercise affects different parts of the body is an important part of the instructional process.

Smith Elementary Physical Education uses curriculum that is aligned with National, State and District Content Standards for Physical Education. Each forty minute lesson is composed of four parts: Introductory activity, Fitness activity, Lesson focus, Game activities. This four part lesson provides a well-rounded experience and allows for higher rates of student activity time.

Smith Elementary Physical Education focuses on providing every student with a piece of equipment so that they may progress at a rate that is individualized.   Students learn the joy and satisfaction of being physically active and part of the group regardless of their personal strengths or limitations.

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