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AP Chemistry

Chemistry is a college-level course that follows the course syllabus as established by the College Board. Intended for students interested in entering the sciences, medicine, engineering and related fields, or to advance knowledge of chemistry. Students will examine, at an advanced level, atomic and molecular structure and interactions, solution stoichiometry, chemical kinetics and equilibrium, electrochemistry, thermodynamics, and organic chemistry. Extensive independent study is essential for success, and an intensive lab component is provided. A summer assignment is required. Students will take the AP Chemistry Examination at the end of the course (AP Exam fee required). A college textbook is used.           

 Prerequisites:  “B” or above in Chemistry or Chemistry Accelerated, concurrent enrollment in Pre-Calculus or above, teacher recommendation.

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Chemistry is a yearlong course intended for the college-bound student. The course will briefly review and expand on topics introduced in freshman Physical Science. Further development of these topics, along with the addition of more descriptive and quantitative topics will be explored. These topics include the study of chemical interactions and the structure and properties of matter. Laboratory activities will introduce, support and apply the various concepts explored in class. Chemistry is an important prerequisite for Biology 2, AP Biology, and AP Chemistry.

Prerequisites:  Must be concurrently enrolled in Algebra II or above, and achieved a “C” or above in Biology or Honors Biology. Juniors and seniors must also have successfully completed the Science and Math portions of the OGT.

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