DCS-3color-original_PACERS-300RGB.jpgFloyd R. "Russ" Anible, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF (R)

Senior Aerospace Science Instructor

Hayes High School Room 601


740-833-1010 x4201


Daily Schedule for Lt Col Anible and SMSgt Manley:
Periods 1, 3, and 7: History of Flight
Period 2: SMSgt Manley and Lt Col Anible Prep Time
Period 4: Lunch (Both)
Period 5/6: Lt Col Anible and SMSgt Manley Faculty Duties
Period 8: Fundamentals of Drill
Period 9: Aerospace 4


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 Aerospace Science 2: History of Flight and Leadership 2:

1st Semester and 2nd Semester -- ½ C.U. Elective each semester

Instructors: Lt Col (R) Russ Anible, SMSgt (R) Douglas Manley

Texts: Aerospace Science: A Journey Into Aviation History; Leadership Education I: Traditions, Wellness, and Foundations of Citizenship; Leadership Education II: Communication, Awareness, and Leadership

This course is offered alternate years with Aerospace Science 1, Science of Flight. This is a history course designed to acquaint you with the development of flight throughout time, as well as the role of civilian and military aviation in history. You'll devote 40% of the available classroom hours to studying the development of flight from ancient legends through today's modern aircraft, and how air power developed as a military instrument from the Pre-WWI era to the present time. Leadership hours (40% of classroom hours) concentrate on the development of citizenship, leadership, followership, communications, and team building skills, military customs and courtesies, proper wear of the AFJROTC uniform, and basic drill skills. Also covers the basic aspects of drill and ceremonies to include traditional customs and courtesies, flag honors, drill and ceremonies, drill positions and movements, drill leadership, marching movements, and organizing and leading parades and color guards. Evaluation is divided into academic, marching, and performing ceremonies in the community. Course time (20%) is also allotted to enhancing your wellness and physical fitness. (AFJROTC codes AS-100, LE-100, LE-200, LE-500)

Course Activity Fee: $25.00           Prerequisite: None             Grade Levels: 9, 10, 11, or 12

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Aerospace Science 4 & Leadership 4:
1st Semester and 2nd Semester ½ C.U. Elective credit each semester
Instructors: Lt Col (R) Russ Anible, SMSgt (R) Douglas Manley
Texts: Exploring Space: The High Frontier or Cultural Studies: An introduction to Global Awareness; Leadership Education 300: Life Skills and Career Opportunities; Leadership Education 400: Principles of Management

Course Activity Fee: $25.00 Prerequisite: Science of Flight &/or History of Flight Grade Levels: 11 or 12

Cadet consensus determines whether Aerospace content (40%) will focus on Exploring Space, Cultural Studies, or Survival Skills with the stipulation the focus will be one of the two options different from the preceding year’s option. Leadership 4 (40%) builds on the previous year's understanding of human behavior by exploring the principles of management. Management techniques are taught and cadets use them to manage unit activities, formal dinners, parades, and community service activities. Ethics and core values are explored using ethical dilemmas, and building a basic understanding of how growth occurs in moral reasoning. Stress management, financial management, and citizenship issues are studied to develop the cadet’s ability to function in today's society. Development of drill and ceremonies skills begun in Aerospace 1 and 2 continues. 20% of the course is oriented to fitness and wellness. (AFJROTC codes AS-300, LE-300, LE-400, and LE-500)


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