E Backhurst DBC

DCS-3color-original_PACERS-300RGB.jpgErica Backhurst

 Rutherford B Hayes High School


(740) 833-1010 x4406

7:15am - 3pm via phone or email


American Literature and Composition: Students in this class will study the literature of America and how it represents our national identity, our history and our diversity. Entwined with the literature study will be development of competency in writing. Punctuation, grammar and usage will be reviewed as students develop and organize writing assignments from paragraphs to multiple-page essays. Informal, critical, analytical, and persuasive writing will be covered.


World Literature and Composition: Students will analyze a broad range of classic and contemporary literature from around the world including British Literature. The literature will include novels, plays, poems, and essays. Using a sociocultural and historical context, students will develop an understanding of various cultures through composition, independent research, group work, speeches, and discussion. Students will improve writing, speaking, listening, viewing, and critical thinking skills.


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