K. Waselko DBC

DCS-3color-original_PACERS-300RGB.jpgKaren M. Waselko

 Rutherford B. Hayes High School


740-833-1010 ext. 4468

7:15 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. via phone or email


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Spanish 2

Spanish 2 is a more intensified continuation of the first level with emphasis on proficiency. The course strengthens and expands the students’ control of the basic language structure and increases their vocabulary. The four skills of listening, reading, writing, and speaking continue to be developed. Additional cultural material will still be studied.


Spanish 4/5

This course further improves upon the student’s ability to listen to read, write, and speak Spanish. Students use these skills in communication-based activities. More emphasis will be placed upon literature and art. Readings include short stories, poems, and selections from authentic texts. A novel may also be included (additional purchase necessary). Cultural material is presented within the context of the chapters. Some advanced grammar and syntax are studied in the course. *This course has a dual enrollment option.


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Course Summary:

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