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Biology/Honors Biology:  The Study of Life

This course covers the following topics:  the chemistry of life, ecology and population studies, cells, photosynthesis, cellular respiration, fermentation, genetics, DNA, RNA, evolution, survey of living organisms, and overview of body systems.  Materials Needed: Bring your technology, 3-ring binder, lined paper, 1-2 composition notebooks, sharpened pencils, ruler, graph paper, markers or colored pencils, and a calculator

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AP Biology:This is a college freshman-level biology course. Class activities include preparation for the required examination administered through the College Entrance Examination Board in May. Textbook studies and laboratory work are combined to make this a fast-paced study for selected capable students who have successfully completed biology and chemistry with solid A or high B average. A college textbook is used.  Materials Needed: Lab Notebook, 3- Ring Binder, Calculator- 4-function with square root is all that is allowed on the AP exam, Colored Pencils/markers

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