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 Dempsey Middle School


740-833-1800 ext. 2824

Best Contact Time: 2:50-3:15pm

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At Dempsey, we are so lucky to have our workshop model, which allows students so much choice and independence in their learning.  Our class time will usually include independent reading and at least one mini-lesson in reading or writing.  These lessons are linked to Common Core language arts standards, and they will incorporate the reading of novels, poetry, short stories, excerpts from novels, and nonfiction informational texts as well as writing across various genres and formats.  Additionally, the class will study vocabulary and grammar.  As part of the class, students will often engage in formal and informal discussions about interpretations of literature and our experiences as writers.  Students will participate as a whole class team, in small groups, and individually at different points throughout a lesson. 

Just like last year, students will have access to a blended learning environment. Through the use of their Chromebooks, students will reference Canvas and any other online tools that will benefit their learning. However, not all assignments will be posted/submitted online. Students will also experience face-to-face discussions and peer-related experiences.

Link to my Canvas page: Hunter ELA 2019-2020

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