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American Government and Economics Small Group

Required course. In the first half of the year students will study principles and practices of government on the national, state, and local level, including legislative, executive and judicial branches of government, political parties, elections, civil rights, American foreign policy, and comparative political systems. Various economic systems, the controlling forces of a market economy and their effects on individuals and economic policy will be studied in the second half of the year. Credit: 1 C.U.

United States Studies Small Group

Yearlong required course. United States Studies 1877 - Present
Students continue to study the chronological study of the history of the United States with emphasis on domestic affairs.  As students study historic eras, they consider the geographic, cultural, economic and governmental changes that have occurred. Students develop a deeper understanding of their role as citizens and continue to develop command of social studies skills and methods. 
Credit: 1 C.U.

English 9 Small Group
Yearlong required course. Students in this literature-based class will learn and refine reading, writing, listening, speaking, and visual literacy skills with emphasis on mastering the Common Core standards. Language study and composition will be based primarily upon assigned literature. Fee required. Credi
t: 1 C.U.

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